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Big Assistance Package For Regional Buyers

The Federal Government will double the existing first-home-buyers assistance package commencing in the next financial year. A further 10,000 assisted packages will be set aside specifically for purchasers wishing to construct new homes in regional areas. 

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Government increases support for 10,000 First Home Buyers to kickstart the economy

First Home Buyers are big winners in this week’s Federal Budget announcement. On Tuesday, the Government revealed the 2020-2021 path to economic recovery and once again looked to the construction industry to create jobs and rebuild the nation’s economy.

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$25,000 HomeBuilder Grant Ends Soon!

Landgipps has titled land, and house & land packages available for home buyers to take advantage of the huge Government incentives available right now.

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Spring Buying Conditions

The property market for this Spring is looking markedly more positive than Spring 2018. In the past 12 months has seen a 25% increase in searches, with each major increase in searchs occurring after a number of major events. The Federal Election, interest rates cuts, income tax cuts and reductions in APRA lending regulations.

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8 Advantages of Building a New Home

It’s brand new and you’re the first person to enjoy it Create the very first memories in your brand new home.  Soak in the bath that has never been used, walk in bare feet on carpet that has never been stepped on.   Customisation Choose the perfect block of land and the perfect home for you.  Create a floor plan that suits you.  Personalise your home with your own colors, finishes and features.  You don’t need to compromise with a house that was built for someone else.   Going Green Look after the environment and save on your energy bills.  A new house gives you the opportunity to install the latest energy efficient appliances.   Protect Your Family No hazardous materials, such as […]

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New Bass Coast Child Care Centre, Corinella – Construction Starts Nov ’16

WORK on the $2.5 million Bass Valley Children’s Centre in Corinella will commence this financial year with all the funding now secured and the tender process set. A State Government grant worth $900,000 was secured by the Bass Coast Shire Council, and the council contributed $1,527,128. The community raised the balance. “This is a great project that we will see through to its completion,” Cr Brad Drew said. Cr Clare Le Serve, who has been heavily involved in the project, said she was incredibly proud of the community for its hard work. “They’ve followed this process right from the start. They put forward all the documentation for a feasibility study and then a business case for this centre,” Cr Le […]

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Corinella 40% Median Growth 2015

Median house prices in Corinella rose 40.4% in 2015 and thus far 12.61% in 2016 but note that it is a relatively thin market with approximately 80 properties sold over that period. With varied housing opportunities in the town from larger homes built in the last 10 years to holiday shacks dating back to the 1960s, the data can be deceiving and needs a closer look. At first glance it appears to be a volatile market however when you look at the trend over the last 10 years, you can see that investors, holiday home buyers and owner occupiers have enjoyed significant capital growth. The town has experienced capital growth well above that of it’s region and the money flow […]

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Beat the Market to Regional Victoria

Following the recent release of the 2016/2017 Victorian budget, Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said that the most important thing the government can do to address the housing affordability crisis is develop a comprehensive population strategy. “We need to grow our regions, not throw everything at Melbourne,” Guy was reported as saying in ABC News.  “Melbourne is going to be unliveable — a great heaving mass of 8 million people.” LandGipps Finance Manager Shayne Blackwood says that what Guy suggests as a solution is already happening. “There’s an organically growing number of people living in regional areas such as Ballarat, Geelong and Warragul who are commuting to Melbourne for work,” says Blackwood.  “There’s also a growing number of people moving to these […]

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The Future of Corinella is Bright

Heritage Bay will become a thriving, welcoming community of fulltime residents, young families, commuters, holidaymakers and retirees nestled within Corinella. Its proximity to other wonderful coastal and rural towns as well as Melbourne makes it extremely attractive to those seeking life by the sea.

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Releasing Land in Gippsland – Easing the Housing Affordability Crisis

The Housing Industry Association alerted in its most recent report that new housing supply has fallen short of demand for many years, making affordability an ongoing problem.  With Australia’s population forecasted to reach somewhere between 34 million and 42 million by 2050, the situation is set to become critical. Shane Blackwood, Finance Manager at LandGipps, says that LandGipps sees itself as part of the solution. “By sourcing the best parcels of land in the most liveable places in Gippsland, we are creating new opportunities for homes to be built.  In many cases, we are releasing land where there has been none available for significant periods of time. We are in a position to continue sourcing large land parcels and cover the […]

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Will you be forced to sell your home to fund your retirement?

The Age reports that retirees with substantial wealth tied up in their homes might soon face the prospect of losing their pension. Aside from the lifestyle benefits of downsizing to the country, the relative affordability of property in Gippsland enables the release of wealth held in your old home.

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Housing in Gippsland is up to 44% more affordable than the state average

Housing in Gippsland is between 34 – 44% more affordable than the Victorian state average and metropolitan Melbourne.