8 Advantages of Building a New Home

It’s brand new and you’re the first person to enjoy it

Create the very first memories in your brand new home.  Soak in the bath that has never been used, walk in bare feet on carpet that has never been stepped on.



Choose the perfect block of land and the perfect home for you.  Create a floor plan that suits you.  Personalise your home with your own colors, finishes and features.  You don’t need to compromise with a house that was built for someone else.


Going Green

Look after the environment and save on your energy bills.  A new house gives you the opportunity to install the latest energy efficient appliances.


Protect Your Family

No hazardous materials, such as asbestos, formaldehyde and lead.  New homes are built with the highest safety standards with up to date circuit breakers and wiring systems.


Low Maintenance

Save on repair costs.  An old home often has appliances or parts that need replacing, but with a new home everything is under warranty, so repair costs are likely to be very low for years.



Protect yourself from structural problems.  Many builders offer structural warranties.  So if any structural repairs are required during the warranty period, you’re covered.


Stamp Duty Savings

Pay less stamp duty.  When you build your new home you are only paying stamp duty on the value of the land component not the house.


First Home Owner Grant

Get a head start.  You may be eligible for a government grant, giving you a financial boost in buying your first brand new home.

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