Beat the Market to Regional Victoria

Following the recent release of the 2016/2017 Victorian budget, Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said that the most important thing the government can do to address the housing affordability crisis is develop a comprehensive population strategy.

“We need to grow our regions, not throw everything at Melbourne,” Guy was reported as saying in ABC News.  “Melbourne is going to be unliveable — a great heaving mass of 8 million people.”

LandGipps Finance Manager Shayne Blackwood says that what Guy suggests as a solution is already happening.

“There’s an organically growing number of people living in regional areas such as Ballarat, Geelong and Warragul who are commuting to Melbourne for work,” says Blackwood.  “There’s also a growing number of people moving to these locations and being employed locally.  Country towns don’t suffer from the same land supply and infrastructure restraints as Melbourne, meaning liveability will be maintained well into the future.”

The concern, according to Blackwood, is that whilst there is currently enough land supply to keep prices moderate, government policy attracting population growth into regional Victoria, will hasten the rise in prices.

“Regional growth driven by government will multiply the organic growth that is already occurring.  The opportunity now is to beat the market whilst land prices are still moderate, and see some solid capital growth into the future.”

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