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March 12, 2016Investment

Rental Yields Higher in Gippsland

Gippsland is proving to be a better investment than Metro Melbourne for property investors seeking rental yields. New REIV data shows the gross rental yield for a 2 bedroom house in regional Victoria was 5.2% in the December quarter which is significantly higher than the 2.9% recorded In metropolitan Melbourne. Three bedroom homes in Morwell delivered regional […]

March 12, 2016Lifestyle

Gippsland affords the “Great Australian Dream”

Struggling homebuyers have recently been urged by the Andrews government to consider moving to the country amid the housing affordability crisis. Now this article in Domain claims that rising property prices are changing ideas around home ownership. “The great Australian dream of a family home behind a white picket fence on a large block is […]

February 19, 2016Lifestyle

Could super connectivity be the key to your lifestyle happiness?

Are you too, looking to move in search of "lifestyle happiness"? The availability of NBN in every LandGipps development enables city dwellers relying on super connectivity to realise their tree-change or sea-change dream. The super connectivity provided by the NBN network, is giving people even greater scope to take greater control of where they live and how they work.

February 18, 2016Economy

Will you be forced to sell your home to fund your retirement?

The Age reports that retirees with substantial wealth tied up in their homes might soon face the prospect of losing their pension. Aside from the lifestyle benefits of downsizing to the country, the relative affordability of property in Gippsland enables the release of wealth held in your old home.

December 15, 2015Lifestyle

What are the advantages of buying a house and land in Gippsland?

Real Estate Institute of Victoria's, Paul Bird speaks with ABC Gippsland's Sian Gard about the advantages of buying a house and land in Gippsland. Specific reference is made to the Latrobe Valley on account of its affordability, lifestyle and reasonable commuting distance from Melbourne CBD and coastal areas.

December 9, 2015Lifestyle

The LandGipps way…

LandGipps is committed to developing new places where you can best enjoy the Gippsland way of life. Friendly neighbourhoods where people interact and look out for each other.

December 2, 2015Economy

Housing in Gippsland is up to 44% more affordable than the state average

Housing in Gippsland is between 34 - 44% more affordable than the Victorian state average and metropolitan Melbourne.

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