The House & Land Battle – What it’s all about

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David Sowerby (Managing Director LandGipps) explains what sparked the idea of this community-minded project.

We were looking for opportunities to support the local football and netball clubs that also showed the journey taken when choosing a new community, choosing your block, designing and building your home. And that’s where it began. 

LandGipps communities are premised on the fact that people are inherently social and the understanding that connection with others like us is a really important part of wellbeing. Feeling connected is nourishing and makes us stronger to endure tough times. When we are proud of our community, we feel belongingness to our place and to one another. 

Our local clubs and community groups are the backbones of our community. We seek to strengthen them where we can, as well as encourage a more diverse range of groups, clubs and committees to form and for those groups to become interdependent. 

Empowered communities deliver better outcomes for its kids. Our communities continuously improve when our residents have a strong voice and can take their own action on the issues that affect them. 

The physical assets that Landgipps creates such as walking trails, parks, outdoor artwork, activity centres are much better maintained and utilised. Community solutions are more effective because they are designed together with people who know the issues inside out. 

With a little rivalry and some fun, the ‘Block-style’ House and Land Battle project came to life. We reached out to Simonds Homes to see if they’d be interested in being a part of the project. When they agreed, it got underway pretty quickly. 

Our communities continuously improve when our residents have a strong voice and can take their own action on the issues that affect them. 

We have been overwhelmed by the eager involvement of the business community and the good people within the clubs. Without their assistance and contributions, the houses would have not come together with the way that they have. We saw the first year as a chance to trial the concept and it has run better than expected. 

Of course, we are all crossing our fingers for auction day hoping the clubs will receive just reward for their efforts and have money to put towards a stronger future. We’re confident that the concept and project has a future, but that’s something we’re looking to review after Auction Day. 

Auction Day
Both homes will be auctioned on Saturday November 30th with Team Drouin at Ferntree Ridge at 11am and Team Warragul at Brandy Creek Views at 1pm. To view both homes which are currently on the market for this fantastic community project click the links below:

View Team Drouin’s Home
View Team Warragul’s Home

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