Ferntree Ridge Construction Update – March 2020

We are excited to see Ferntree Ridge evolving from an construction site into a community. As you make your way round the estate you will see many homes currently under construction.

The construction team’s hard work over the first few months of the year can really be seen with Stage 5 nearing completion, Stage 6 about to commence retaining wall installations and Stage 7 sewer works ready to commence.

Read below for the full construction update at Ferntree Ridge.

Stages Under Construction

Stage 4A & 4B

Stage 5
Completion of retaining walls and final top soiling of lots anticipated within 2 weeks

Stage 6
Awaiting commencement of retaining wall installation and final top soiling of lots

Stage 7
Earthworks completed, sewer commencement anticipated in March 2020

Title Forecast

Stage 1, 2, 3, 4A & 4B
All titled

Stage 5
Anticipated to be titled April 2020

Stage 6
Anticipated to be titled May 2020

Stage 7
Anticipated to be titled December 2020

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