Moving to Regional Victoria

The perfect time to build your dream home
There has never been a better time to buy and build in Regional Victoria. With the escalating cost of living, busy lifestyle and the struggle to break into the housing market in Melbourne, areas in Regional Victoria such as Gippsland are becoming a popular choice. With improved regional economic growth, infrastructure improvements, new jobs, improved public transport to the city and a community country lifestyle, Gippsland is the ideal location to build the home you have always wanted to own.

Reasons to move to Gippsland

More Affordable
Land prices and the cost of living in Gippsland is much cheaper than that in the city!

Interest Rates Are At A Record Low
With rates now at a record low there has never been a better time to get into the property market! Pay less for repayments than you are for your rent!

Regional Victoria Government Grant
First home owners / builders in Regional Victoria receive a grant of $20,000!! A offer too good to pass up!

Bigger Block Sizes
Pay less for a bigger block of land! Actually have a backyard for your family to enjoy. Below are comparisons between Pakenham in the city and two regional towns in Gippsland, Drouin and Warragul that are both within 100km of Melbournes CBD. Prices correct at time of publishing.
Pakenham (Mt Pleasant Estate) – 420m2 $318,000
Drouin (Ferntree Ridge Estate) – 544m2 $200,000
Warragul (Brandy Creek Views Estate) – 552m2 $195,000

Improved Roads & Rail to the City
With improvements made by the Victorian State Government to roads and rail, travel to the city has improved with commute times significantly reduced.

Infrastructure Investment
The State Government is continuing to invest strongly into Gippsland’s regional towns with new schools, jobs precincts and sporting facilities across the region.

Affordable Quality Education
Gippsland is spoilt for choice for both primary and secondary options. With affordable private schools, quality public schools and many smaller community rural schools that offer a more intimate education, there are plenty of options for early, primary and secondary education.

Relaxed Lifestyle
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy traffic that moves and fresh air to breath in, rolling hills all around and beautiful countryside to explore only a few short minutes from your front door.

Communities That Care
Country communities are welcoming and care for the people that live in them. Through local sporting clubs, business and schools you are a community member, not a number.

With all of these reasons a move to Gippsland is worth considering! LandGipps are proud to build the very best communities across Gippsland. With developments in Drouin, Warragul, Corinella, Traralgon, Moe and Morwell we have helped thousands in the past create their Gippsland dream. We are confident we can help bring your Gippsland dream to life.

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