City Life vs Country Life

Melbourne recently got named the world’s most liveable city for the sixth year running after scoring top marks in healthcare, infrastructure and education. However country living is becoming increasingly popular especially among young families, lets look at why:

Value for money

One of the biggest advantages of living in Gippsland compared to the city is relative affordability; you have the opportunity to own a larger block size for the same cost.

Get closer to nature

Being surrounded by nature means waking up to the sound of birds not traffic, breathe fresh air into your lungs and watch the wildlife explore your back yard.

Enjoy the open space

Getting the kids off the computer games and outdoors. City parks and playgrounds are often overcrowded, in the country the kids have plenty of space to learn to ride a bike, play with a ball and create their own outdoor adventures. 

Appreciate privacy and tranquility

As they say cities never sleeps – being able to get some peace when you live in the city can prove difficult. Living in the country means you can step outside without listening to the sound of traffic.

Produce your own food

In the country, you can easily grow enough fruits and vegetables for own consumption.

Friendly communities

In a small town, everyone knows everyone and people actually say ‘hello’. Gippsland communities are known to be friendly and people are prepared to help each other out without asking anything in return.

Go at a slower pace

Don’t rush – reducing the stress that is expected from city life.

Stay connected

Technology is forever changing the way people socialise and work. With the latest fast speed national broadband network (NBN) readily available, you can be more productive, more creative, more efficient and more connected both for work and personally.