What’s the minimum deposit required to buy a block of land?

Buying your own land with LandGipps is more accessible than you may have thought.

With a deposit from as low as $10,000 you can own your very own piece of Gippsland within a quality development.

Brad Creighton, sales manager for LandGipps explains.  “When you find the right block of land with LandGipps, you can hold it for $1000 and buy it with as little as a $10,000 deposit subject to finance approval.  Of course, the $1000 goes towards the deposit.”

Brad explains that Landgipps takes a simpler approach than many other developers and sales agents. “Rather than a 10% deposit, an allotment purchased with Landgipps can be held with a $1000 refundable deposit. On signing of a contract, the balance of $10,000 deposit is paid and can be signed conditional on a 14 day finance approval. If finance is not attained the full $10,000 deposit is refunded. It really is a much friendlier and lower risk approach than what a customer will find elsewhere”.

Offering flexible terms and a lower deposit is part of LandGipps’ strategy to enable people to enter the property market and build a financially sustainable future in a best practice community.  “Ultimately, we are all about creating community,” says Brad.  “Part of this means encouraging responsible lending, or buying within your means to ensure the sustainability of these communities,” says Brad.  “We spend time with each of our customers to ensure transparency and understanding of binding terms.”

“Whether you want land by the sea or set in rolling hills, we help you through the process and make it as simple as possible.”  Call Brad directly on 0433 321 500 to see how accessible it is to secure your very own piece of Gippsland or email [email protected]